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Young Celebrity Deaths That Shocked the World

Several people were shocked when they heard that the 23-year old Australian actor had passed on. He participated in different movies one of them being Ten things I Hate about You. One of the reasons as to why his death was unbelievable is that he was one of the stars in movie filming and he passed on before he could get an opportunity to show his capabilities to the fullest capacity. Heath died of cardiac arrest after he overdosed himself with some drug concoctions.

When River phoenix was in his early 20s, he had achieved quite a number of things. He acted so many movies that were worth watching. Phoenix died at the sidewalks of a night club when he was just twenty three years old. Drug overdose was also pointed as the cause of death.
Another young celebrity who died was Brittany Murphy. She was a very beautiful, charming and humorous actress who acted several movies where she made each movie more captivating. She managed to act movies like the 8 Miles and also Clueless. Brittany died of pneumonia when she was just 32 years old and when still very active in the filming industry. Her wedded husband also died of pneumonia six months after her burial. There were so many wrongful death information regarding these deaths and some people thought that there was something toxic that lead to these two spontaneous deaths.

Paul Walker is yet another celebrity legend who succumbed to a very cruel death in a car accident. He was a legend actor and he acted some of the most outstanding and famous movies of all times for instance Fast and Furious. Paul Walker met his painful death at the age of 40 and he was with a friend of his in that car. Walker’s friend was the car driver that day when they died in an accident.

Sharon Tate is another brilliant and pretty celebrity who died the hard way. In the field of Hollywood movies, Tate was becoming a star steadily. There were these followers of Charles Masons monarchy who murdered Sharon Tate. Tate met her death when she was bearing the title of Roman Polanski’s wife who was a movie director. Sharon died with her unborn child since she was eight and a half months pregnant.

Lastly, we remember John Lennon who died when he was a legend doing great works. He was a legend in music and he was shot dead outside his own apartment in the New York. John was just forty years when he met his painful death from a bullet. The person who was behind John’s death was identified by the name of Mark David.

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